Otter Stop

Otterstop was set up to help fisheries and wildfowl lakes protect their stocks from otter predation, a problem which is sadly getting worse as otter numbers increase steadily. It provides long term otter fence solutions, tailored to each customers needs, and can provide high tensile steel fencing as well as chicken mesh fencing rolls, along with all the accessories needed to install, or alternatively we can provide you with tried and trusted fencing contractors to install the fencing for you.

Carp fisheries in particular are under great threat, and a long term fencing solution not only provides great peace of mind to the fishery and anglers, but also helps reduce the threat of poachers, and can keep fish in, if your lake is prone to flooding. It is the only real and legal way of protecting your fish or bird stocks for the future.

We also provide consultancy and help to anyone unsure of the issues, providing information on Environment Agency funding and guidelines, as well as signs to look out for when spotting otter visits. Feel free to contact us at anytime, for free and general help and advice, if you think you may have a problem.

Protecting the Future of our Fisheries