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As far as we are aware, Otter Stop has supplied directly, or through contractors, more otter fencing than any other distributor, totalling more than 60,000m to date – May 2017

That’s equivalent to over 37 miles of Otter fence, and over 100 happy Fisheries around the UK and France.

Otter Stop was founded by Dave Marvell who has been angling for over 40 years, as well as being a fishery owner for the past 10, and is now aiming his passion towards helping to save our fisheries with the use of effective otter fencing.

The principle aim of Otter Stop is to protect fisheries and wildfowl pools from the ever increasing threat of Otter predation, which is wiping out fisheries all over the UK. With no legal way of trapping, moving, or hunting the otter, the only long term solution is properly installed fencing, giving peace of mind to both the fishery owners or club, and to the anglers using them.

We aim to offer clubs and fishery owners, as well as wildlife organisations as much advice as they require, on all types of fencing solutions, the pitfalls, and problems they may incur, and come up with a cost effective fencing plan, tailor made for each customer. Although we mainly aim to keep otters out of fisheries, our fences also keep out foxes, badgers and humans, so can provide a multitude of benefits.

The problem is going to get worse as Otter numbers are increasing year on year, and can now be found in every county in the UK. We will show you what to look out to see if you have Otters visiting your lake, and how to go about stopping them wipe out your fisheries biggest asset overnight.

Fishery managers should be aware of the dangers of otter predation and consider the practicality of protecting their fisheries by applying our research findings. Considerable advice is available to establish whether it is otters that are causing problems to a fishery, and if so whether compromise measures such as decoy ponds etc might be sufficient.

Otters have been recorded on virtually every type of water body. Otters in England and Wales are mainly found on freshwater systems but they can also exploit coastal habitats, and there is growing evidence that they are doing so more often as populations recover. In Scotland they are familiar animals of rocky coasts, where they are sometimes referred to as ‘sea otters’, but they are in fact the same species.

We are working together with the Angling Trust, The PAG (predation Action Group) as well as Natural England, to ensure that solutions can be found and implemented quickly, before too many more fish are lost, and fisheries gone forever.

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Contact us now for a chat, advice and support. Take some action now, it’s not always as expensive as you may think. An otter fence can last over 20 years.

Otter fences are the ONLY long term solution and can last over 20 years giving your fishery a future by safeguarding the loss of valuable carp for its entire lifetime.

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