Otters and Stillwater fisheries

21st March 13

With the recovery of the otter population across most of the UK, and the increasing number of stillwater fisheries, concern about the impacts of otter predation on vulnerable specimen fish and fish farms is growing. Fishery managers need to be aware of the likelihood of predation by otters and whether and how they should protect their fishery. In the majority of cases carefully planned protection measures using otter-proof fencing can be very effective.

This document is designed to provide stillwater fishery owners and managers with the information they need to decide how to deal with the predation of fish by otters. It is underpinned by research carried out by Geoff Liles and Roger Trout (see further reading). Further help and advice is available from Water for Wildlife officers at the Wildlife Trusts, and local fishery and biodiversity officers at the Environment Agency…

To read more, please click the link to open the following PDF file: Otters and Stillwater fisheries.pdf