Our Gates can provide a secure entry and exit point in your otter fence, without compromising the effectiveness of the fence. Our gates are srong, yet light enough not to put too much pressure on the gate posts. We clad them with a section of the otter fence, using our welded gate brackets which are made to fit. This ensures you get a continuation of the overhang all the way across the gates, and the wind can blow through so they don’t slam open or closed in strong winds. We usually screw the wire onto the gates using self tapping Tech screws and washers.

Sizes: Available in 1 foot increments from 3′ up to 14′

Pedestrian gates; 5′  wide by 4′ high costing £129.85 each + VAT
Vehicular gates;   12′ wide by 4′ high costing £169.85 each + VAT

All orders over £1000 (before VAT) are Post FREE