General Update

3rd October 14

We are very pleased to announce that we have now sold more than 60,000m of specialist Otter fence, thats over 37 miles in total, and from our best knowledge more than any other company in the UK !  You can see a list of all our previous customers on our previous projects page, and we have now sent several orders over to France as well as doing a full installation there at the back end of 2016. As the Otter predation situation gets worse as populations increase nationally, there is good news with regards to the number of grants being awarded by the Angling trust, so if you’re seriously looking at putting in a fence, and have time to apply for a grant, its well worth doing so. As more fisheries protect themselves, then the pressue increases on those waters that are left open, so the problem will be intensified going forward. If you want any help, or FREE advice please just call Dave Marvell on 07973 254 626 for a confidential chat about issues and solutions.